Here are some things people have said about Nigel:

Nigel is a charismatic entertaining speaker who spoke with our Year 7 Parents early in the school year. It was a very informative presentation and parents were thrilled with Nigel’s engaging and thought provoking session on social media and the connectivity of our young students.  It was very much targeted to the audience and Nigel was flexible in that the parents could ask and seek advice at any point. There was humour and lots of stories and the parents thanked the school and Nigel for such a great presentation. In a world that is getting more and more reliant on such technologies the most important thing to do sometimes is turn it all off and think about what impact it is having on our young people. Nigel was very much about empowering parents to assist their children to strike a balance between their online life and the other important aspects of their life. Nigel’s presentation will be an annual event at MacKillop College and we value his partnership with our school.

Kylie Power
Director of Student Services
MacKillop College Werribee.