Who Nigel works with

Nigel works with parents, schools and young people with an aim to give every young person the best life they could ever have. Sometimes this involves working in schools presenting to a group of parents, teachers or students. Sometimes working with individual families working through issues or providing career coaching.

Have you ever asked or said …. classroom

  • How can our school support parents better?
  • I have no idea at all what career I want to do.
  • There seems to be no way I can get them motivated – I’ve tried everything I know.
  • Our daughter/son seems to be heading off track – where can I get help?
  • How do I keep them safe online when I have little idea of how it all works?

Nigel works best with

  • Schools that value partnership with their parents and families
  • Families that see the adolescent period of life may need some additional support.
  • Young people that want the best life they could ever have.

You may, by now, be wondering how it all works – check it out here:How Nigel Works