You are not alone but …..

The New Internationalist states that “we have the largest young generation the world has ever known” with 1.2 billion people aged between 15 and 24 worldwide. That figure includes around 75 million who are unemployed and an estimated 6 million youth drop outs (neither in employment nor education). 

As you might imagine the figures differ wildly depending on the specific country and region – one example is that in South Africa there is 60% youth unemployment. 44% of youth in India are underweight with 17% of British youth being underweight – although the causes are no doubt totally different – poverty and dieting. 
The legal age when people can be married varies from 13 to 22 with the average actual marrying age varying from 18 to 32. 16 million adolescent girls become mothers every year. (The full article entitled Youth the facts ca be found on page 17 of the October 2012 edition of New Internationalist).
As a youth worker I find these kind of statistics very interesting but they become more sobering when I am conscious of the fact that they are real people, real families, real lives. Australia will doubtlessly fare well when compared to many other countries in the world and that will be a comforting fact to many politicians and sociologists but little help if you are unemployed or your child would be considered a drop out or if your daughter is coping with becoming a mother whilst still an adolescent. 
There is some comfort is knowing you are not alone but I strongly suggest you find someone to walk alongside you during these times. Seek the support of a family member – uncle, cousin, grandparent; maybe you have a neighbour or a colleague that has some special interest or expertise that could be used; someone at your social group, sports club, church or community house may be willing to offer their help in creating or updating a resume. 
I would love to hear your story of who helped you or to respond to your request for help and guidance. Leave your comment below. 

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