Coaching is designed to help you get the best life you could ever have, it isn’t counselling but rather helps you decide what you would wish your life to be, then calculates the steps you will need to take to make it happen. Nigel offers a program but is equally relaxed about working with you outside of any formal structure. His aim is the same as yours – a great life for you!

Do you wish …..

  • you got along better with members of your family? That there was less arguing and more joy?
  • you weren’t so angry and feeling down all the time?
  • your parents understood you better and that they realised that life is different from ‘when they were your age’?
  • you were able to concentrate on school work and get the teachers off your case?
  • you could maintain (or even start) a relationship with someone you care about?

Coaching can work for all of these areas of your life.

Coaching Young People for Success is a program to help you get the best career, the best life and perform at your best in school. Each of these modules can be provided for you – they often take just 2 sessions and then followed up from time to time.

Make contact with Nigel to explore these further – SMS or call 0412 971933 or email him here.